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Nidhogg – Review (PS4/PS Vita/PSTV)

If you’re a PC gamer you are no doubt already familiar with Nidhogg, but our console playing friends have been kept out in the dark, unable to take part in its eccentric brand of fencing – until now. That’s right, now PS4, PS Vita and PSTV owners can impale their friends on ludicrously skinny swords, to their heart’s content!

Pregnancy – Review (PC)

Pregnancy is uncomfortable to “play”, but that’s a good thing. As gamers, we are more often than not taking part in a fantasy, rather than being grounded in reality. Despite some dialogue issues and a seeming lack of impact from your choices, we must applaud Locomotivah’s efforts. Lilla’s story is approached with respect and sensitivity, and while it certainly isn’t going to change any preconceived ideas you may have about abortion it might prompt you to explore why you feel the way that you do.

The Long Dark – Early Access Review (PC)

You’ll catch no sight of zombies in its barren arctic tundra. The only cause of death in this game is complacency. The hills you climb, the water you drink, and the wolves that stalk you in the trees could well be the end of you.

TinyKeep – Review (PC)

We have to reiterate that there isn’t much wrong with what is on offer here, our issue is that it is much too simplified. Had this release been the first in a new Early Access title, we would have been genuinely excited to see what the outcome would be. There is a great skeleton for a fun adventure game here, but as things stand TinyKeep doesn’t aspire to be anything more than it is, and that’s a shame.

The Red Solstice – Early Access Review (PC)

The Red Solstice should be a warning to other development teams of the caution and action that needs to be taken when your game has an overwhelmingly toxic community. These players should be put on wanted posters and rooted out before they can strangle a community as they have in Red Solstice. Once they are there, the Moderators and Developers should do their damned hardest to make them leave.

Hatoful Boyfriend – Review (PC)

Hatoful Boyfriend is just like any other game of its genre but with a really weird twist. It features simple controls, nice hand-dawn graphics mixed with some photos, and a compelling if not bizarre story that makes good use of your choices.