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Bird Assassin – Review (PC)

It was foretold in 1963 by Alfred Hitchcock. Then once again in 2010 by Birdemic: Shock And Terror. But now it has arrived, and the birds are killing us all, but do not fear. The Bird Assassin is here, ready to take out every last stinkin’ one of ’em.

Super Panda Adventures – Review (PC)

Super Panda Adventures is an action platformer where you play as Fu, a Samurai Knight who also happens to be a panda. Kickass! At the beginning of the game you complete your training. Awesome! Then robots take over the world, steal the princess and kill your sensei. Not so awesome.

Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms – Preview (PC)

The idea of multi-layer gameplay has been thrown around a lot in the past. Switching characters to change your skill sets for different situations or even to change the world around you and the formula usually works. Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms makes it shine.

Hyphen – Review (PC)

There are many games out there that are created to present the player with incredibly hard challenges from the beginning, whether to enrage the player, or just to give challenge that is lacked in a lot of the big titles. Hyphen by Farspace Studios is no different…