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Nidhogg – Review (PS4/PS Vita/PSTV)

If you’re a PC gamer you are no doubt already familiar with Nidhogg, but our console playing friends have been kept out in the dark, unable to take part in its eccentric brand of fencing – until now. That’s right, now PS4, PS Vita and PSTV owners can impale their friends on ludicrously skinny swords, to their heart’s content!

The Walking Dead Pinball – Review (PS Vita/PS3/PS4/Xbox/Xbox One)

Another month gone by and another new table to add to Zen Pinball 2’s already vast collection. This time it’s The Walking Dead episodic game franchise’ turn, prompting us to ask ourselves: Is there anything more mindless than a combination of zombies and pinball?

Another World 20th Anniversary Edition – Review (PS3/PS4/PS Vita/ WiiU)

Another World 20th Anniversary Edition isn’t a game that everyone will pick up and love. In fact, due to its difficulty and Stone Age design we expect many will hate it. But if you enjoyed games like Flashback and Prince of Persia, you are in safe hands.

Z-Run – Review (PS Vita)

The endless runner scourge has made its way from smartphones, to PC, and even to consoles. The genre has seen countless different settings and themes injected into it for flavour, but this is the first time (that we are aware of) that we have ever seen it cross-contaminate with the vile zombie hordes.

Starlight Inception – Review (PS Vita)

Space: The final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Generica. Our mission: to seek out bland life and civilisations. To boringly go where no gamer has gone before. That would have been a more fitting introduction for Starlight Inception by Escape Hatch Entertainment

Steamworld Dig – Review (PS Vita)

Steamworld Dig concentrates a lot of action into around four hours of play. This no bad thing however, the action is so incredibly fun and diverse that at no point were we left wanting. The package is made even more generous with the inclusion of PS4 cross-buy. If you buy only one PS Vita title this week make sure it is this one.

TxK – Review (PS Vita)

Before the days of pixels and polygons there existed a simpler graphics medium. Old arcade and home game systems used what is known as “vector” graphics. If you’ve ever played the original Star Wars arcade game or owned a Vectrex home console system, you may already be familiar with these wireframe looking games. Some graphic styles are timeless and for Jeff Minter vector is one of them.

Surge Deluxe – Review (PS Vita)

Not since the time we left our Playstation Vita face down in melted chocolate has it’s screen been this grubby. Hundreds, if not thousands, of greasy swipe marks cover the gorgeous OLED fascia – and we couldn’t be more delighted. The sweet release of dopamine that accompanied every swipe and successful combo, more than makes up for the sorry state our Vita is now in. We are of course talking about Surge Deluxe, Futurlab’s latest, and, quite possibly, their greatest release to date.